Breathe through life transitions

Coaching is empowering

Hiring a coach means investing in yourself, in your future, in your values. 

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I am a thinking partner; not a guru, nor a therapist.

My role is to question, listen and support you, to help you gain clarity, focus and momentum.

I provide non-judgmental attentive listening and uplifting energy all along the way.

I guarantee confidentiality.

How I work

Each coaching starts with an initial assessment about your situation to determine where you are at and where you want to go.

Once your goals set, I will help you find and implement your own solutions.

I will suggest action steps, provide support, resources, and also tips and tricks if asked.

About me

I was born in Paris in the 70ies so I've been around the block for a little while which makes it hard to sum it up. 🙂

I majored in cinema, directed documentaries, been a stay at home mom, imported jewels from China, been a ghost writer, translated children books... created my own coaching company in 2017.

On a more personal level, I am an ENTJ-A, vegetarian, upbeat and quite private so that's all I will say here. 

Always in learning mode

I am constantly reading about personal development and studying coaching techniques to be able to help and support each client with their own needs.

My latest certifications are:    Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence - Case Western Reserve University - Fev 2019

Certification internationale de coaching digital Sept 2017

Is your time management suffering from your screen time management ?

I can help you:

Gain awareness on the reasons why you are scrolling your life away.
Define a sustainable goal.
Implement a satisfying screen time management.
Stick to your plan no matter what.
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